The KORE Women Podcast

KORE Women features KatieBeth a Vocal Powerhouse Creating a Trail Across the Nation!

February 26, 2019

The KORE Women Podcast Ep. 35 features KatieBeth. She is a vocal talent and has been rocking since 2004 in Wisconsin and Tennessee. She is full of energy, talent, and is blazing a trail in the music world! Every KatieBeth performance is like a musical autobiography. Her voice is a blend of rock and country and a style that pulls equally from her Wisconsin roots and her Tennessee years. Her song lyrics tell stories of heartbreak, redemption, and hope. With every verse and chorus KatieBeth unleashes the raw, uncensored emotion of someone who has learned life's lessons the hard way. She is not only creating her story in the music business, but also has a new radio show, “Breakin Boundaries Music.” You absolutely want to take the opportunity to listen to KatieBeth’s personal journey and how she is creating a life she loves! Take a listen—you will be inspired!!!


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