The KORE Women Podcast

KORE Women features Elizabeth Tidwell a Forward Thinking Personal Development Coach

February 19, 2019

Get ready to listen to the wise and wonderful Elizabeth Tidwell. She is a Personal Development Coach, who guides her clients in transforming their mindset and to make their goals a reality. She holds them accountable and speaks frankly from a place of love. She wants everyone to see the endless possibilities they can create for themselves.

She has multiple certifications, which contribute to her experience as a coach, such that she is a certified life and business coach, certified fitness instructor, nutrition adviser, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner.... Elizabeth says that she keeps it real and her clients appreciate that quality. She says her own journey of discovering her self-worth allows her to relate easily to her clients. She is one phenomenal woman! You are not going to want to miss this podcast!

Find out about Elizabeth Tidwell at: and follow her on Facebook and Instagram @iamelizabethtidwell


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