The KORE Women Podcast

KORE Women features Anabel Marquez, Founder and Editor of Mommy in Los Angeles Magazine

January 22, 2019

This episode of the KORE Women Podcast features Anabel Marquez, Founder and Editor of Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine. She has developed a hyperlocal online publication with an annual print edition. She truly believes in “the importance of motherhood and not just the aspect of raising children in this fast-growing city, but the aspect of giving life to your self-identity.” You absolutely want to hear about her journey and what she has to say!!!

We all have personal dreams and, many times, these ideas that drive us existed before marriage and children, so how do you reclaim your dreams, your goals, your personal aspirations..., while being married and having children?

This is truly a terrific interview with Anabel, who started her career post university graduation as a reporter and is someone who has reclaimed her dreams by launch this amazing magazine in Los Angeles in 2017. Check out Mommy in Los Angeles Magazine at:



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