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Strengths-Performance Coach and CEO and Founder of The Shuler Group, LLC - Dawn Shuler

August 30, 2022

This week on The KORE Women podcast, Dr. Summer Watson features Dawn Shuler, who is a Strengths-Performance Coach and CEO and Founder of The Shuler Group, LLC. Dawn has been working with business and communication all her life, from teaching English fresh out of college to creating a business in 2002 to assist individuals, corporations, and associations achieve more success and a competitive edge through better leadership, systems and processes, and training. 

Dawn has thousands of hours of coaching and training executives and mid-level employees at organizations like NASA, the admissions department at a national education association, non-profit foundations, and many small businesses.

She is also a Strengths-Performance Coach, certified through Talent2Strengths, an official partner of Gallup and home of the famous CliftonStrengths® assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder®).

"Her personal 'Deeper Why' is to help awaken others to use their gifts to the fullest and in the biggest way possible."

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