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Professional Coach, Virginia Commonwealth University Professor of Entrepreneurship, Outsourced VP of Sale - April Palmer

August 23, 2022

This week on the KORE Women podcast, Dr. Summer Watson welcomes April Palmer, who is a Coach, VCU Professor of Entrepreneurship, someone that likes to lead with humor and authenticity, and “believes in leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs—particularly women and people of color — in all places to close the opportunity gap, create stronger communities, and remove obstacles using creative solutions to persistent problems." Her passion is to work towards building a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that intentionally supports a diverse group of entrepreneurs across all sectors.

April's expertise lies in serving as a fractional or outsourced VP of Sales who can help small and medium-sized businesses boost sales and profits for long-term success. She will work with teams to co-create the strategic revenue plan, scale hiring, and ultimately deliver sustainable and long-term growth. Available for short-term and long-term contracts

You can follow April Palmer on LinkedIn, on Twitter at: myfuckitbucket and at

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