The KORE Women Podcast

A riveting story of one woman’s journey to save her mom, while racing home from her honeymoon and as her career as a producer, director and on-camera personality started to develop - Juliet Lemar

June 11, 2019

Juliet Lemar is a producer, director, on-camera personality, artist, and caregiver. Her versatile life experiences as a National Champion gymnast, caregiver, and world traveller give her a unique confidence and perspective on the world. She is the creator of the show 'Life Reflected' which strives to show the limitless possibilities of human growth and kindness through journalist storytelling. Juliet creates mini-documentaries revolving around everyday people's lives. Her passion for creating insightful, diverse, and engaging content capturing the world from different perspectives is what drives Juliet's creativity and fuels her curiosity of the human experience.

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