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When Rock ‘n Roll and The Violin Collide - Gina Romantini

July 9, 2019

This week on the KORE Women podcast, Dr. Summer Watson features Gina Romantini. Gina combines rock ’n roll with the violin creating exhilarating live performances and style unlike any other. She is well-versed in bluegrass to jazz to punk rock. Gina lives in Los Angeles, is a session musician, musical director, and performer. She has played with bands to include ‪The Wallflowers‬, ‪The Jayhawks‬, Cornmeal, ‪Fountains Of Wayne‬, and many others. She recently started the band Circa 62 with a debut album to be released this year.

To learn more about Gina, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

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