The KORE Women Podcast

KORE Women features Avia Moore a soon to be University of California Davis graduate in Animal Science with an emphais in Genetics

December 10, 2019

Avia Moore is a soon to be University of California Davis graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Genetics. Avia's life is best described as taking two paths at the same time. She is also a professional model who has lived in the Bay Area, created her own business, and traveled the world. She has lived off-grid for years of her life, volunteered in animal shelter hospitals, and attended one of the best colleges for her field of study. Now that she's almost done with her degree, she's looking for her place in the science world and hoping to make a difference in how we understand and manage genetic illnesses. The focus of her interest is really biotech, where she wants to focus on gene editing and exploring mutations.

If you want to know more about Avia Moore, please reach out to her on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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